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About MBMG

MBMG Medical Center’s full service medical and wellness centers improve the quality of life for each patient through tailored care management with a holistic approach. 

Founded in 1997 originally as a Cardiology group, MBMG has since transformed into a  value-based, multispeciality medical center with many locations. Through this growth, our team has developed strong relationships with our communities, insurance partners and healthcare partners. 

As a top ranked medical care group with 19 centers across Florida, we understand that we must stay one step ahead with the latest technology. Our care teams provide the most advanced medical treatments and innovative technological solutions available. Offering 1,500+ patient services and specialties, we are built to deliver quality healthcare through high patient engagement. 

We believe easy access to healthcare is key to better health outcomes. For this reason, we provide courtesy transportation and meals for our members. Additionally, MBMG leverages technology to provide essential communication tools. Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are a few of those tools improving the lives of our patients.

Notably, our exceptional patient-doctor relationships and extensive set of wrap around medical services set us apart from the rest. You can see the impact of this value-based care model in our positive healthcare results and thriving patient base. 

Core Values

Quality Care

Provide high-quality patient care.


Ensure patient safety and well-being.

Patient Experience

Provide an excellent patient experience.


Efficiency and responsiveness to all.


Provide an excellent team member experience.


Our mission is to provide an unparalleled quality of care to our patients to improve their quality of life.

Meet the Heart of
MBMG’s Operations

Efrain Duarte


Jose Sanchez


Xavier Alarcon


Irene Delgado

VP Clinical Operations

Gladys Llano

VP Operations

Brian Banks

VP Strategy & Care Analytics